Metal-rubber parts

“Gumet's” core business is the manufacturing of rubber and metal rubber articles. We cooperate with industrial customers who install our components in their finished products. The majority of our articles is manufactured to customer specifications and demands.

We are always open to all offers for the production of new rubber and metal-rubber details from entrusted technical documentation or product models.

Contact our Marketing Department for a detailed quotation.

Bearing seals
Application: sealing of rolling bearings. The seals protect the bearings from leaking of grease and penetration by contaminants.

In situ rubber glands
We manufacture high quality glands for passing of shielding tubes through enclosure bodies. The gland secures the joint and the tube from damage. The solution is applied in vaults of water meter systems, sewage systems, telecommunication systems and power grid distribution systems, as well as in sewage pumping stations.

Application: sealing of nodes in moving or stationary joints of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, as well as other joints of machine and equipment parts.

phone: +48 81 825 32 41
mobile: +48 501 619 858
fax: +48 81 825 22 31


Main production departments

We operate specialised production departments. Our speciality is vulcanization of rubber and metal & rubber products for the automotive sector.

Tool shop

We operate our own tooling workshop
which builds curing moulds and tooling
for press forming of metal components.

Rubber vulcanization

We vulcanize rubber products by injection moulding on German injection machines from DESMA and by compression moulding.

Metal parts stamping shop

We manufacture metal parts and metal inserts for bearing seals and oil seals.

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