Bearing seals

Since 1985, our speciality has been the manufacture of bearing seals.
We are one of the largest producers of these articles in Poland. We currently have over 120 types and sizes of bearing seals in our production offer.
The manufactured diameters range from 10 to 200 mm.
We can make seals for various bearing types, customized per individual orders.
Our bearing seals are made to customer design and requirements (and mainly for bearing manufacturers).

phone: +48 81 825 32 41
mobile: +48 501 619 858
fax: +48 81 825 22 31


Main production departments

We operate specialised production departments. Our speciality is vulcanization of rubber and metal & rubber products for the automotive sector.

Tool shop

We operate our own tooling workshop
which builds curing moulds and tooling
for press forming of metal components.

Rubber vulcanization

We vulcanize rubber products by injection moulding on German injection machines from DESMA and by compression moulding.

Metal parts stamping shop

We manufacture metal parts and metal inserts for bearing seals and oil seals.

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